Citizens for Positive & Sustainable Housing Solutions for our Community

Residents for a Unite[d] Cupertino are  thousands of Cupertino residents who support sustainable, environmental, and affordable growth in our City and repudiate the actions of the vocal minority that has taken a super-majority on our City Council to enact their NIMBY agenda seeking to "put a wall around our City" and "preserve their quality of life".

We are committed to fair and affordable housing that meets the needs of ALL in our Community from the students to new families to aging in place grandparents.

Meet the RESISTANCE to Steven Scharf, Liang Chao, and Jon Willey.

These three folks founded the organization Better Cupertino, a NIMBY group that uses fear to convince residents that illegals, immigrants, and low-income families will over-run their world class schools, clog the streets with traffic, and reduce their property value of their homes.

At the same time, they have continuously and repeatedly litigated against the City, created Initiatives, created Referenda, all of which have cost the City hundreds of thousands of tax-payer dollars.

We are a good-governance group promoting sustainable and innovative developments in our broad South Bay Community. We find ourselves as the RESISTANCE to this NIMBY agenda.

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