Cathy Helgerson, resident and citizen of Cupertino speaks to the Cupertino City Council encouraging the members to take the initiative and Lead in resolving the current impasse regarding the vacant and desolate Vallco Mall. She strongly advocates for...

January 30, 2017

Are Cupertino’s self appointed gatekeepers saying “keep out?” Have decades of project after project rejection by citizens’ groups built a virtual wall around Cupertino?

It’s perceived that Cupertino approved Apple Campus 2 without providing housing, t...

At the most recent Cupertino City Council meeting on January 26, 2017, resident and author, Sabrina Rizk, gave testimony to the Council that their public service and dedication to the City is acknowledged and recognized by many more members of the co...

January 24, 2017

There is an online personal & political retribution smear-campaign promoted by Better Cupertino against Anjali Kausar, school board member who opposed Liang Chao, newly elected school board member in the general election on both NextDoor,,...

Cupertino is economically dependent on one employer -- Apple, Inc.

This is the result of the corporate headquarters being located in Cupertino at the continued insistence of Steve Jobs while he was living and a favorable tax sharing arrangement with C...

January 14, 2017

A substantial portion of Cupertino now suffers from a post-election flare-up of the syndrome clinically known as Vallco Traumatic Stress Disorder (VTSD). By far the most common symptom of VTSD is the uncontrollable urge to write opinion letters, or p...

More comments as expressed in different threads on Cupertino's Next Door Social Media

"It's frustrating to read all the contradictions in regards to what people want out of Vallco:

1. Don't want traffic, but want a mall like Valley Fair. Have you guy...

January 11, 2017

United Cupertino has been receiving daily private messages from supporters who have a message for the City Council - to lead our City and resolve the Vallco impasse after the election.

Here are some of the notes we've received.

"I'm all for a new Vallc...

Time to stop complaining and take some action on public transportation. VTA is planning to change its transit service in the fall of 2017 to coincide with the start of BART service to Santa Clara County. Beginning January 5, 2017, VTA's Draft Next Ne...

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