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Our newest Council Member, Steven Scharf, is the founder of "Better Cupertino", the originator of Measure C to stop Vallco, and participant of the Political Action Committee for Better Cupertino and / or CCSGI that sued the...

Those that seek to block all sustainable development in Cupertino and are demanding  "pre-conditions" for any type of Vallco Citizen's Committee they once supported, are claiming that Vallco's zoning in the General Plan should be UNDONE and CHANGED t...

School Board Member, Officer of "Better Cupertino" / CCSGI, author of Measure C - litigants against the City of Cupertino, Liang Chao, published "Better Cupertino's" Conditions for any Vallco Citizen's Advisory Committee. These conditions are framed...

Residents for a United Cupertino believe that the City Council's proposed Vallco Citizen’s Advisory Committee (VCAC) can be a vehicle for providing valuable community input to both the Owner and the City as well as to HEAL our divided Community.


April 3, 2017

The City of Cupertino is considering the formation of a Vallco Citizen's Advisory Committee and the folks at "Better Cupertino" who created the flawed no-growth Measure C are against a Committee of Citizen's!

"Better Cupertino" represents that they ar...

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