I am a Cupertino resident and I support smart growth. From my perspective, smart growth includes rapid transit-centered development and a focus on a more walkable / bikeable community.

Besides regional VTA busing, transportation in Cupertino is totall...

Every day since the beginning of this 2017 New Year, we are seeing worse and worse news about the retail sector. Some of the news is extremely concerning - not only are malls failing, but retail stores we've grown up with and counted on for years are...

Caryl Gorska’s letter published on January 13, 2017 does not accurately reflect why I recommended a no vote on Measure D. My vote was not because I am opposed to the The Hills, but because I truly believe this is a wonderful solution for Vallco and C...

The City Council will vote this Tuesday evening, May 16, 2017 on a professional three-part lecture series on a range of development and planning topics in what is deemed a "Community-oriented process for a plan on Vallco".

From the City Staff Report:


If you could walk to the corner market, do you see that as desirable planning for our Community?



There is the fundamental change that's occurring in our region’s demographics. As baby boome...

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