• United Cupertino

Bring The Hills at Vallco Back to the Regular City Planning Process

United Cupertino is an emerging coalition of local citizens who live and work in Cupertino and want to see a Revitalized Vallco by bringing The Hills at Vallco back to the City's regular Planning Process. We are committed to a forward looking, hopeful vision of innovative and sustainable development in our City. Our guiding principal is to make Cupertino a city where all voices can unite and are united by a common love for what is best for our Community.

We are also committed to uniting the different concerns that the community who did not want The Hills at Vallco through honest, respectful, and fact-based dialog to arrive at a consensus for what is best for all of our Community.

The defeat of Measure C is historic. It was created to stop The Hills. Even in defeat, is has somehow accomplished this goal.

So "What Happens Next?" the Cupertino Courier asked on the cover page after the election?

Measure D was defeated by a very small margin, less than 5%, many of those who did not vote for D preferred to have land-use issues be resolved in City Planning, not the ballot. We agree - lets get it back to Planning and Council!

We believe that citizens need to stand and demand that the City bring The Hills at Vallco back to the normal Planning Process. The City Council and Mayor must find a way for the Citizens, the City, and the Owner to unite for Vallco.

We want to come together to arrive at respectful, sustainable, and unified solution that brings forward all the fantastic opportunities that the Hills at Vallco proposal provided.