• United Cupertino

Walking down memory lane

I walked the vacant mall, Vallco yesterday.

40 Years of memories.......

Varian Associates, Leonard, Lester, Craft and Orlando family’s legacy remains today as a lost, ghostly space for the reflection of the ethereal, unseen memories.

Why do we hold the mall near and dear to us?

Do you remember when Vallco opened its doors?

When a sports star signed your jersey?

The Record Store and hanging out at Tilt?

Bumper cars?

Ice Skating lessons as a kid?

Its Santa time again, but he will not be making a stop at Vallco. Is it time to put our wish list together? Have a community reminiscing to find the heart of what defines and binds us to this mall?

It is time to put our memories down like a time capsule that we can then bury in foundations of the new Vallco.