• Gary Jones

Cupertino Council - Please listen! (A FB repost from our neighbor)

To the Cupertino City Council, City Manager, and City Attorney, thank you for taking the time to consider this letter in-lieu-of oral communication at the December 6, 2016 Council meeting.



As you know I was the Treasurer, co-author of the People against Measure C campaign that resulted in 14,147 NO votes that defeated the Cupertino Citizens for Sensible Growth Initiative (CCSGI) and am a 40 year resident of Cupertino. Included in this victory were the 10,536 people who voted YES on Measure D to revitalize the Vallco property as The Hills at Vallco.

It is my opinion along with many other voters and stakeholders (the collective “we”) that the proponents of Measure C, opponents of Measure D ran a deceptive campaign resulting in a narrow margin of success over Yes on Measure D.

With this letter we respectfully request that the city council strongly encourage the owner of the Vallco Mall return to the city to negotiate and advance a plan to revitalize this property in a reasonable period of time.

Should the remaining tenants of this failed mall make the business decision to close, this would leave a shuttered property potentially for many years to come. A vacant property of this size can only become a further liability to the city and merits a high level of priority.

We believe the city council has a duty to come forward and openly encourage the owner of the Vallco Mall property through a transparent legal public resolution to resurrect the owner’s application for The Hills at Vallco and proceed with some certainty that the council will be reasonable with respect to the calculus of current thinking on urban development including retail, housing, entertainment, lodging, healthcare and commercial space for a socially and economically viable project.

Thank you for your attention.


Gary Jones Cupertino, CA 95014