Council now has the citizens’ backing to make progress on Vallco

A group of citizens showed solidarity last night at the Cupertino City Council meeting. The protest was a respectful and silent one, measured by almost 30 people who stood up and raised their hands in support when asked by long time Cupertino Citizen, Peter Heller.

Mr. Heller stood before the new Mayor, Savita Vaidhyanathan, former Mayor, Barry Chang, recently re-elected Rod Sinks, newly elected Measure C leader, Steven Scharf and City Manager David Brandt and read a letter requesting the City start up the EIR (Environmental Impact Report) for the Vallco site.

The EIR had been stopped by the creation of Measure C in the last month of 2015. Since the Measure was put to the ballot the City has been in the clutches of the opposition group Better Cupertino, who now has a Mr. Scharf's voice on the Council.

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