• United Cupertino

Happy New Year from Better Cupertino - Measure C version 2.0 is coming.

Better Cupertino is already talking about Measure C version 2.0!

.... and their stated wishlist is:

"1. The City of Cupertino's General Plan needs to be rolled back to the 2005 Plan.

2. Any proposed Project with a value of $20 million shall be put to a Citizen's vote.

3. Any proposed General Plan Amendment shall be put to a Citizen's vote.

4. Vallco is to be a 100% all-retail site."

Better Cupertino wants to roll us back the General Plan by a decade, they want voter approved Initiatives on almost all Projects, they want to take all authority away from the City Council and City Institutions, and they refuse to accept that the future of retail is not in a 1970's-style enclosed Mall.

This is a vision of the past and does not provide a way forward for a revitalized Vallco.