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The Vallco EIR - Why are Citizen's Calling to Complete the Vallco Environmental Impact Report?

Why are Citizen's calling to complete the unfinished Environmental Impact Report?


Prior to the creation of the Measure C Initiative, the Hills at Vallco Environmental Impact Report was being contracted by the City of Cupertino in compliance with the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA - click the link above for more information) to an impartial third-party professional company that creates such analysis reports. This report was subsequently paused when the anti-Vallco Initiative C qualified for the general election ballot.

The opponents of The Hills at Vallco spent a lot of energy telling the Community that there would be disastrous impacts on our community including over-crowding in all our schools, traffic clogging all our highway and interior streets, massively tall buildings blocking our views to the foothills, and the complete destruction of our infrastructure including drinking water and our sewer system.

What we would like to know are the facts, not anecdotes and scare tactics.

Any Vallco Project is required to comply with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). It is through this process and the completion of the Environmental Impact Report, that the City of Cupertino, the Owner, and the Community will have the FACTS as to what impacts that full project would bring, what to do to avert those impacts, and what the best environmental Project for Vallco can be. Without the EIR, there is no actual data from which to have a rational and sensible conversation.

We see the first step toward understanding and reconciliation between the City and Community is to have the FACTS and we support the call by Pete Heller's group to request that the City Council instruct the City Manager and Staff to complete the EIR.

See Pete Heller's testimony to the City Council.