• United Cupertino

Who is Better Cupertino?

After watching and attending City Council meetings over the past two years or watching the trolls who bully and demean residents they disagree with on Next Door, it has become overtly apparent there is a small group who show up to Cupertino City Council meetings to complain about anything and everything being proposed in Cupertino. This group consistently demands more and more transparency from the City and yet do not expose the membership or funding of their group, Better Cupertino.

They present their narrow anti-growth agenda as though it represents all of the citizens of Cupertino, and they seek to stop all growth in Cupertino by using the oral communication portion of Council meetings to be disrespectful and verbally bully the Council in an effort to influence the Leadership of our City.

Do you have the time during your daily life to go to Council meetings every month and make sure that normal residents' issues are heard?

We at United Cupertino are trying to bring a positive voice to the Council, to Speak Truth to Power, and stop the bullying by this small, non-transparent group from influencing the fate of our City along their narrow agenda.

Unless we are mistaken, this group has effectively hijacked the People's Voice and taken it upon themselves to push an agenda that does not align with us regular folks, you know, the parents, teachers, employees, employers of Cupertino.

We need a strong voice for all residents of Cupertino that is united in our common vision for the future. We welcome your comments and thoughts - please let us know what you think on our Facebook page.