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BC Contraditions - More Citizens want The Hills at Vallco Back at City Council

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"It's frustrating to read all the contradictions in regards to what people want out of Vallco: 1. Don't want traffic, but want a mall like Valley Fair. Have you guys seen how backed up traffic is on the 880 with shoppers? I would argue residential and office space would be less traffic than a world class mall. 2. Don't want concrete jungle with 40ft walls, but want a Santana Row. Not sure the last time you guys drove by, but Santana Row has 40ft walls surrounding the whole perimeter of the entire block. Plus, Vallco is currently 3 stories tall already, so why hold developers to new rules? 3. Don't want more residents that will make babies that will fill up schools, but if you check Meyerholtz Elementary, they're struggling with low enrollment for the regular school while their CLIP program is over flooded. 4. You have fond memories of taking your kids to Sears and love shopping for embroidered items at little mom and pops. That may be true, but that isn't paying the bills to sustain the investments made by the new owners and those stores were likely under performing anyway. Simply put, Vallco will deteriorate as residents continue to hold Sandhill to standards that aren't business savvy. It's a shame to waste this huge space by letting it become a ghost mall. The moment downtown Sunnyvale completes our new movie theater, I'll have zero reason to ever step foot at Vallco ever again."


"We patronize Main Street at least a couple times a week. The same people wanting to keep Vallco "as-is" are already calling foul on Main Street before it's been completed. This negativity will not move Vallco forward, but instead keep it stagnant for the next decade. Of course Main Street isn't 100% perfect, but there's a lot to celebrate: 1. State of the art parking garage that tells you where an open spot is, better than Valley Fair's new garage! 2. Safe, family friendly atmosphere. I see lots of families with young kids playing in the green belt area. 3. Great restaurants that are PACKED! I was at Lazy Dog last Sat at 10pm and the place was completely filled despite the pouring rain! Not to mention the hour wait every weekend at Meet Fresh. It's a New Year and Measure C/D fight was tough, but I hope we can all try to approach the Vallco issue with a new attitude that will result in progress."

Let us all put aside all this anti-growth propaganda from a bullying small-interest group and get the Owner of Vallco back to the City's normal process.


1. Valley Fair is also packed every weekend. You can't have it both ways of not wanting traffic but yet wanting a world class mall with a ton of traffic 16% of the year. 2. Measure C capped the max height at 45ft, which is lower than the current height of Vallco, so how is that reasonable? 3. Residents with young kids near Meyerholtz have moved out in droves affecting their low student count. The only reason CLIP is overflooded is because it is open to all CUSD residents and is the only program in the district that offers language immersion. I drive past Vallco everyday to take my son to school and then 280N to work. I'm very well aware of the traffic. I'm only suggesting to find a middle ground and wanted to point out the constant contradictions that are being stated by a few vocal individuals. Spoiling quality of life is to miss on an opportunity to make the community better instead of settling for no change because we're too afraid of it.

Right on Kevin Ngo, we completely agree with you - why can't we come together to find a common ground and unite as a community to fix a 40 year old blight on our community?