• United Cupertino

Bring Back The Hills to City Planning!

United Cupertino has been receiving daily private messages from supporters who have a message for the City Council - to lead our City and resolve the Vallco impasse after the election.

Here are some of the notes we've received.

"I'm all for a new Vallco and continue to support The Hills project. It needs to go through the standard City Council and Planning Commission processes that all projects are required to do. No more ballot box city planning as propose by Measure C. No Measure C - 2.0"

"Bring back Vallco Hills to the negotiating table - I totally support bringing Vallco Hills back to the City Council!"

"The momentum of groups forming is significant and encouraging, to get the City to take control of the process through the practices of good governance to finally get something to happen with The Hills at Vallco and other projects being held back by the anonymous Better Cupertino and their affiliate "Citizen" groups. Quite simply IT'S TIME!"

"I voted NO to ballot box city planning, but I did not vote NO to NOTHING AT VALLCO! The City Council needs to engage the Owner in discussion about a proposal that works for all of Cupertino!"

Lets get united and put pressure on the City Council to do their elected duty and lead our City toward resolution and revitalization of Vallco!