• An Editorial Submitted by Gary Jones

Warning: Be Careful Cupertino

Cupertino is economically dependent on one employer -- Apple, Inc.

This is the result of the corporate headquarters being located in Cupertino at the continued insistence of Steve Jobs while he was living and a favorable tax sharing arrangement with Cupertino. Steve Jobs, 'we pay our taxes, it is up to you as to how you spend them.'

In the event Apple, Inc. were to relocate their headquarters; what do you believe the consequences of this would be for our city?

How many of you know Apple, Inc. does not have a charitable foundation? In the event Cupertino continues to broadcast unsupportive messages such as petitions against community leaders (Anjali Kausar), originating Measure C and turning down Measure D for housing, additional commercial space and more: do you believe Apple's compos will not turn toward another more supportive city for their corporate headquarters? Ponder this; this is a company that does not even have a charitable foundation and does most of their manufacturing outside the country -- this speaks a thousand words as to them giving a darn of their headquarters being here in our city.

To capture the trophy of having Apple headquarters in say San Francisco, Santa Clara, San Jose or any other city, those cities will match the favorable tax deal without hesitation. Texas? Nevada? NYC?

All it takes to move a headquarters is the stroke of a pen.

Be careful what you ask for folks... the message is clear at the gate to Cupertino now -- KEEP OUT! There are forces at play in Cupertino and they intend to change what has worked for over 60 years.

What is a risk you say? Our schools, home values and city treasury in the event anonymous were to take over our school boards and city council completely. These anonymous groups are playing with fire and it is the rest of us who could get burned.

Gary Jones