• Comments by Sabrina Rizk to City Council

CCC - Please Lead - Unite Cupertino and Find a Solution!

At the most recent Cupertino City Council meeting on January 26, 2017, resident and author, Sabrina Rizk, gave testimony to the Council that their public service and dedication to the City is acknowledged and recognized by many more members of the community than are represented when a small vocal group comes to bully and intimidate the Council.


We applaud your very heart-felt and honorable testimony and thank you for encouraging our Council such that they can know there are more in the community that support their dedicated service.

We at United Cupertino support and applaud this statement. We respectfully request that the Council find the courage to lead to find solutions to one of the most vexing problems in Cupertino, that of the 50 acre property called Vallco, during this very frought and divisive environment after the last election.

Special circumstances require leadership, you have our support to find a solution, and this must come from the City Council! Bring Sand Hill and The Hills back to the negotiating table so that Cupertino can see resolution of this important and difficult issue.