• Cathy Helgerson to the City Council

Another Resident to the Cupertino City Council, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Cathy Helgerson, resident and citizen of Cupertino speaks to the Cupertino City Council encouraging the members to take the initiative and Lead in resolving the current impasse regarding the vacant and desolate Vallco Mall. She strongly advocates for the Council to bring back the parties to a negotiating table so that we, the residents, are not left holding the bag after this Initiative impasse. You can view her testimony to the Council here:


We at United Cupertino salute her courage to speak to our Civic Leaders in such a respectful manner. We also agree with her assessment - the situation is a stalemate that requires the only authority capable of leading, to LEAD. The City Council needs to bring both parties back to a negotiated table and discuss the future of this incredibly important 50 acre dead mall in the middle of our city.

We expect the City to Lead in this effort, we support good governance, we want the traditional planning processes to be reinstated, and we call on all members of the Council to find a way for Cupertino to move forward.