• Editorial submitted to UC

Is there a WALL going up around our City?

Are Cupertino’s self appointed gatekeepers saying “keep out?” Have decades of project after project rejection by citizens’ groups built a virtual wall around Cupertino?

It’s perceived that Cupertino approved Apple Campus 2 without providing housing, traffic mitigation and other infrastructure needed to support expansion, effectively pushing the burden onto neighboring cities of Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, San Jose and Mountain View.

Many Cupertino insiders are concerned that forces outside our city view Cupertino as a walled-in city that will need to solve their own issues of traffic, housing, recycled water and other infrastructure needs going forward.

Some 400 or so outspoken citizens using intimidating and deceptive tactics have impeded Cupertino from moving forward with the rest of Silicon Valley into this century’s prosperity for the common good, while dumping the negatives on our neighbors. Is this what the majority of Cupertino residents want for our city?