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INNOCENT - Legal Counsel Repudiates the False Petition

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Board President Kausar will continue to serve Cupertino’s students

Cupertino, Calif., (February 1, 2017) - Today, the Cupertino Union School District announced that the law firm of Dannis Wolviker Kelley has concluded their research regarding the allegations that Board President Anjali Kausar was in a conflict of interest due to her position with the Cupertino Chamber of Commerce and her recent involvement in recent campaign activity. Their legal opinion held that Board President Kausar is not in violation of California’s conflict-of-interest laws.

The baseless allegations were initially introduced through an anonymous on-line petition that was seeking to claim that Board President Kausar, through her many activities in the community, was in violation of California’s conflict-of-interest laws. The baseless allegations went further in seeking to create pressure by demanding that she resign from her position on the Cupertino Union School District Board of Trustees.

Due to the petition, as well as actual emailed complaints from a few members of the public asking for Board action, CUSD requested our legal counsel to research the matter. Through this process, the law firm determined that, because Board President Kausar was clearly not in violation of California’s conflict-of-interest laws, there is no legal basis requiring that she resign from her position or her fellow Board Members take any action.

“As a board member, I have devoted my time to making our district one of the best in California,” said Anjali Kausar, President, Cupertino Union School District Board of Trustees. “Sadly, there are a few individuals who have made it their mission the last couple of years to attempt to distract us from our work in the classroom. Despite their efforts, we will not be deterred from delivering on our promise of providing all of our students with a quality education.”

Despite the distraction, the District has remained focused on our mission of educating children and ensuring all of our students have access to safe, creative and engaging learning environments.

Recognizing the importance of openness and transparency, Superintendent Wendy Gudalewicz and our Board Members are committed to hosting fifty parent meetings this year alone. In addition to those meetings, we will be hosting several others prior to the end of this year and are in the process of working with our research company to summarize the results from our parent survey.

“Our district works tirelessly to create an environment where our parents are our partners,” said Wendy Gudalewicz, Superintendent, Cupertino Union School District. “As we continue having coffees throughout the District, I am reminded that our district is comprised of families who simply want to see their children succeed. They have my commitment that we will provide them with the highest quality education.” CUSD has a history of being one of the best school districts in California and we are proud to be able to say we are continuing that tradition.

About the Cupertino Union School District: The Cupertino Union School District is the largest elementary school district in northern California. The District is comprised of approximately 1,700 employees serving over 18,000 students in 19 elementary schools, one K-8 school, and five middle schools throughout the city of Cupertino and parts of the cities of Sunnyvale, San Jose, Saratoga, Los Altos, and Santa Clara.

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