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Newest Council Member Slams Community

Our Newest Council Member, Steven Scharf, slams the community on the private message board, CUSD Discuss Yahoo Group. Shouldn't he represent ALL of us?


Councilman Scharf continues to spread “false and misleading statements.”

Steven Scharf (February 4, 2017) - “It has been very disheartening to see all that has transpired between developers, the Chamber of Commerce, the two school districts, and various self-declared "community leaders," and all the little groups they've created with wonderful sounding names, but only one or two actual people behind them."

"Figuring out what was illegal, versus what was just unethical, is going to be a long process. Sad to see the community arguing about issues that never should have come up if people would have behaved honorably instead of trying to push the limits."

"One thing that isn't clear is whether putting "for identification purposes only" on a flier is sufficient when someone identifies themselves as an elected or appointed official and is supporting or opposing an initiative. But some officials didn't even do that since I got one pro-D flier with a current Cupertino Planning Commissioner identifying themselves as such, without any disclaimer--it made it appear as if the Planning Commission supported Measure D, which of course they had no position on even though the members had their own individual positions."

"Is it just unethical, but still legal to include your position by alluding to the entity you're a part of without explicitly naming it? All of this will be hashed out in the coming months or years at considerable legal expense, unless an honorable path is chosen so we can move forward with confidence that elected officials are acting in the best interests of residents.”


United Cupertino to our Councilman S. Scharf,

This posting is unethical coming from one or our elected Council Members. Instead, you stir up false conspiracy theories and impugn the motives of your fellow residents.

You speak of ethical behavior when you yourself are party to a lawsuit of the City, your campaign organization is being investigated for election fraud by the FPPC, and you continue to perpetrate false allegations against your CCSGI Treasurer's political opponent on the School Board.

You now represent all of this Cupertino Community, not just those who believe in your narrow agenda. You should not be posting such allegations onto social media and you should not be targeting your political opponents.

You allege that groups such as ours represent only one or two people behind us. You couldn't be further from the truth. Instead, you should be working with all of us to unite the residents of Cupertino in a positive VISION of the future.

-United Cupertino representing hundreds of residents