• Editorial by Gary Jones

Council Should Encourage More Forward Movement

An Editorial from the Mercury News / Cupertino Courier

This letter was sent to Mayor Savita Vaidhyanathan and the City Council.

How does Cupertino continue to participate in the valley’s prosperity when Santana Row gets another 284,000 square feet of office, 28,000 for retail— leasing now—plus having taken Cupertino’s Splunk when the citygets near zero for our future other than Main Street and the new Hyatt under construction (which we appreciate, thank you for that)?

Projects stalled for various reasons include the new Oaks Shopping Center, The Hills at Vallco, Marina Plaza, Goodyear Hotel and the Hampton Apartments. Cupertino should be about the common good of our citizens’ future which includes jobs, housing, retail and more. Apple Campus 2 opens for business in April, and the city has not provided the needed infrastructure to support what we approved. We have dumped that on our neighbors such as Sunnyvale and Mountain View. Yes there will be traffic, which is a symptom of prosperity and up to the property owners and government to manage appropriately or adjust accordingly.

How many more pizza, sandwich and coffee places does the city need?

Are we just going to sit by and let the city continue to be the gas station and strip center crossroads for the traffic generated by nearby cities?

The silent majority does not come to City Council meetings because they elected you to represent them while they continue their everyday lives. It is up to you to not be intimidated by those with agendas contrary to the best practices of growing a city for the future and the generations to follow.

Cupertino desperately needs what the property owners above are offering for our city’s future. The silent majority support you practicing good governance for their future. If you recall, more than 14,000 voters on Nov. 8, by voting no on Measure C, gave you a mandate to govern in their best interest. Please encourage the property owners above to move forward with the city through the normal process so we can stand tall again as good neighbors to Silicon Valley and those immediately around us as well as the common good of our citizens.

Please exercise that mandate now for jobs, housing, retail, lodging and more. You represent the common good through best practices and good governance; now exercise that mandate going forward over the rest of this year.

We the people support fair play and good governance.