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Vallco Citizens Advisory Committee?


With respect for your dedication to serving our city's best interests, Cupertino Thrives submits the following: It has come to the attention of this publication that the leaders of a citizens group are planning to speak to the formation of the Vallco Cupertino Advisory Group (V-CAC) through Oral Communication during your April 4, 2017 public meeting. The points they will raise are: 1. The million dollars it will cost 2. What's the rush? 3. Appeal to council that they should be the ones to direct the process as well as to the selection of those who will sit on the committee as delegates. Cupertino Thrives Editorial The items above are also the specific items one of your council peers will address in an attempt to influence the process. Why? This is clearly an attempt at gaining direction over the V-CAC to skew the results in favor of a minority group who's Measure C was soundly defeated by an overwhelming majority. As to #1: Various citizens groups have now cost the city of Cupertino millions through the failed initiative process. The million to resolve Vallco is appropriate. As to #2: Time is money and the resolution to the most significant acreage left in Cupertino has gone on way too long. It is time! As to #3: As Vallco declined over the last two decades no Council has been able to resolve Vallco's future. It is this publication's opinion that if the Council seeks control over the V-CAC process and who becomes a delegate -- that the Council will dilute the V-CAC's very premise/promise and lose support from a substantial part of the community as the process then has an appearance of a lack of independence and not representing a balance of the community. Rather, it will be tainted by the appearance of being under political control and not the true will for the common good and voice of a majority. To achieve a successful outcome, it is the recommendation of this publication, that the V-CAC be an unmistakably independent process from the influence of politics. Respectfully,

Gary Jones, Editor/Publisher

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