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United Cupertino and Better Cupertino Agree on One Thing: We Don’t Truly Need a Vallco Citizen’s Adv

The City of Cupertino is considering the formation of a Vallco Citizen's Advisory Committee and the folks at "Better Cupertino" who created the flawed no-growth Measure C are against a Committee of Citizen's!

"Better Cupertino" represents that they are the voice of the Citizens, but they don't want a Committee of Citizen's. They do not believe that the City should spend tax payer dollars to form a Citizen’s Advisory Committee even though this is exactly what they communicated to their Constituents and the Cupertino Community as their preferred vehicle just before Election Day:

… we can form a Vallco Advisory Committee with residents, developers and the city staff to study various options for Vallco Specific Plan.” Liang Chao of Better Cupertino

United Cupertino agrees!

We don’t need to spend money on a committee because:

  • We agree with the approved Cupertino General Plan

  • We agree with Traditional City Planning Process

  • We agree with City Council Oversight

  • We agree with State of California CEQA Review

  • We agree that there has been more than enough community outreach meetings, discussions, arguments, and passionate debates. This has been studied, reviewed, turned over, and debated

We need the City Council to take a LEADERSHIP role and bring the Vallco Owner back to the Planning Commission through the regular City Planning Process. We don't need another process, we need the one that has proven to work time and time again.

The Owner’s stalled proposal for The Hills at Vallco is completely consistent with the City of Cupertino’s General Plan. The City should encourage the Owner to restart their Environmental Impact Report and give ASSURANCES that if the Project is compliant with the Cupertino General Plan, addresses community input during the process, and the CEQA/EIR presents engineered solutions and mitigations as required by California State Law, the Council WILL approve the Owner’s Project.

The Council needs to partner with the Owner and make sure that there is a successful outcome at Vallco for ALL residents and not disproportionately heed the voices of the vocal few.

Residents Seeking a United Cupertino