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Lets Just Be Honest, "Better Cupertino" Opposes ANY Progress Forward

School Board Member, Officer of "Better Cupertino" / CCSGI, author of Measure C - litigants against the City of Cupertino, Liang Chao, published "Better Cupertino's" Conditions for any Vallco Citizen's Advisory Committee. These conditions are framed so narrowly and narrow-mindedly to ensure that NOTHING is advanced at Vallco. This is the original and only true goal of Measure C and the resulting status quo at the closed Vallco Mall.

Their conditions are:

"1. Revert Vallco to a shopping center in order to start negotiation at even footing.

2. Put Vallco Specific Plan to a citizens' vote in 2018 to ensure that the plan is a combined vision of the majority of Cupertino voters."

On Item #1 - They want to UNDO the City Council's approved General Plan 2040. The was studied, deliberated, voted, and legally adopted by the City Council in 2014. This is the "Constitution" of our City and they want to reverse duly voted legislation by our elected City Council three years ago and start over!

On Item #2 - They want citizens to go through yet another costly and potentially divisive Initiative in 2018 - after having empaneled a group of people for the very purpose of representing the Citizens.

Just to be clear, "Better Cupertino" wants to change the City's Constitution for their agenda and once that is completed, they want the Citizen's of Cupertino to endure ANOTHER potentially divisive and costly election before anything can be done at Vallco.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck.

This is a "stop everything" agenda pure and simple.

They can cloak themselves in the lofty claims of "government transparency" and "citizen participation", but LET'S BE TRULY HONEST, that's not their goal. Their goal is to disrupt, defeat, and discourage the residents, the elected leaders, and our established processes of our representational government from making any progress on Vallco.

Ironically, a Vallco Citizen's Advisory Committee that she is now opposing was an election promise published to the voters by this very person, Liang Chao, just before election day!

We are residents who want Cupertino to Unite to grow and develop our Community in a smart and sustainable way that acknowledges our regional position in the Valley and seeks collectively to solve problems for all Residents.

Email Liang Chao and our City Council and tell them that you support progress on Vallco, you support a Citizen's Advisory, and these delay conditions are unacceptable.

/ Residents for a United Cupertino