• Residents for a United Cupertino

Recuse Yourself Mr. Scharf From your Conflict of Interest!

(Link to Video on You Tube)

Our newest Council Member, Steven Scharf, is the founder of "Better Cupertino", the originator of Measure C to stop Vallco, and participant of the Political Action Committee for Better Cupertino and / or CCSGI that sued the City.

Sir, your failed Measure C, your repeatedly failed lawsuit against the City, and your failed PAC whose entire purpose was to stop any development at the Vallco site should constitute a conflict of interest and you should recuse yourself from discussions and Council Votes on all Items related to Vallco, like the Citizen's Advisory Committee.

The Citizen's Advisory Committee is a great idea for the betterment of the entire community. We need to heal and the idea of sitting down face to face to address the difficult challenges we have as a Community, to sort through these contentious issues with science and analysis, and to allow the Community to come to common ground is the best path toward reconciliation and progress for all residents of Cupertino.

And yet, you reject this path to reconciliation.

We have observed multiple Cupertino City Council Meetings in which your "colleagues / employees / followers" have spoken testimony to the Council as "residents" when in fact they are your advocates, the successors to Lead your Group, Leaders of your Group, and are advocating for your Political Action Committee. These are not grass-roots residents - they are your no-growth activists.

When the Mayor brought up the idea of a Citizen's Advisory Committee, an idea that "Better Cupertino" campaigned on as an election promise to voters that you now reject, you provided as rebuttal "evidence" from multiple (undisclosed) emails from your very own BC followers as "proof" of a resident uprising. "Joan" is one of your people.

This is not transparency in government that you claim, this is not "keeping the Council independent", this is political posturing by a Political body, your group, "Better Cupertino".

As a Council member, you are responsible to represent all of Cupertino on the Dias, not just the followers of Better Cupertino. Its shameful, its disrespectful, its insulting, and you need to recuse yourself from matters with which you have been a key anti-advocate - especially when you continue to encourage your people to "testify" to the Council as though they are "ordinary" residents. The charade is naked and you are guilty.

In the video, you further claim (and dismiss as inconsequential) that there are four (4) pro-developer groups in the community.

There are 2 Facebook sites that promote restaurants and festivals and the like. Then there is our group, Residents for a United Cupertino.

Read our postings - we have over 1500 followers and we have no connection to the Owner of Vallco, many of us voted No on both, we are residents who watch / repudiate the vitriol on Next Door, we attend Council meetings when we can, and we want to see forward looking progress for our community, forward progress at Vallco, forward progress for our future generations, not the veiled NIMBY agenda you espouse.

Council Member Scharf, you should recuse yourself from all matters related to Vallco based simply on your public record and your public actions. You cannot represent the community and represent your Political Action Committee at the same time....

/Residents for a United Cupertino