• Former Mayor Lowenthal of Cupertino

The Truth has Surfaced

Well, the truth has surfaced.

For years, the Steve Scharf cult called "Better Cupertino" has ranted that folks like us who live on the west side of Cupertino wanted Vallco fixed because it was far from our homes. The cult got their way and killed Vallco. But what's happening now?

There’s a proposal for upgrading the Oaks, and west side folks are in favor of it. We’d like to see vibrancy there and something new. We want new retail and hotels and housing.

Yet the Steve Scharf cult has come out against it. Why? They hate all improvements to our city. They want to go back to the 70s, and they make up lies about the folks that don’t live in their neighborhoods. They blame our current traffic problems on future projects--how does that make sense?

We don’t want another dead shopping center like Vallco. We want Westport Alternative 2.

Hypocrisy and fake news are now plain to see. I hope the good folks on our City Council can stand up to the noisy negative folks.

Richard and Ellen Lowenthal

Jean and Charles Bedord

Gary and Barbie Jones