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Cupertino Residents - Do We Truly Worry About the Most Needy Among Us?

At the July 5, 2017 City Council Meeting, multiple residents testified as to their difficulty in finding housing for the developmentally challenged in our Community.

As the housing crisis in the Bay has exacerbated, those most disadvantaged and in need are being affected by our need to "protect our quality of life" that is NIMBY code for no new residential in Cupertino.

Based on data from the MTC-ABAG Library of statistics, over the last 20 years from 1999 to 2014, Cupertino has provided less than 50% the RHNA housing requirements while the rest of Santa Clara has provided about 83%. When you look at the Low Income requirements, Cupertino is even WORSE by providing only 12% of the required as contrasted to 39% in the rest of Santa Clara.

We added the Apple Park project without any thought to the housing that is so desperately needed, particularly for the low income and developmentally challenged residents in our Community.

How we vote at the Council says everything about who we are and our values for our Community!

See the residents testify at the following links:




We need to tell our elected officials that the old arguments are not working - we need a sustained and sustainable housing element added to the City of Cupertino to house our residents, reduce traffic, and enhance our quality of life.