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Our "Quality of Life"

Kim-Mai Cutler, home-grown Cupertinian, journalist, and housing advocate gave heart-felt and compassionate testimony to our Cupertino City Council that all residents should consider.

No-growth groups and NIMBY groups all the world over use a universal catch phrase as their excuse for blocking any and all development: this project will hurt your "quality of life".

Cupertino needs to carefully consider the long term implications of our urban planning and development decisions through our General Plan and our City Council. Will it contribute to our economic development, will it help with traffic mitigation / reduction, will it bring money to fund programs and infrastructure we desperately need, etc..... These are hard decisions that require analysis and debate.

On the other hand, those who blatantly oppose, can always easily scare residents that this development or that development will ruin your "quality of life" by [fill in the blank] increasing traffic, overcrowding our schools, making it dangerous to leave the house, pollution that will cause cancer, ruin your view of the landscape, etc.....

The housing crisis is a multi-layered and complex issue that needs to be analyzed and addressed in a systematic and professional way. Scare tactics by a vocal anti-growth minority should not cause us to be frozen or confused, we need to be open to an honest dialog so that we do not inadvertently ruin our 'quality of life" for short-term satisfaction.... but Kim-mai says it SO much better than we:


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