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The resolute answer is YES!

In case you missed the excellent Housing Forum hosted by the City of Cupertino, you can catch it online at: https://youtu.be/2iO3nFbRb8I

Why ask the question? Well, a certain member of the Cupertino City Council has been publishing on social media various literature and data in an effort to assert (falsely) that Cupertino has a completely balanced jobs-to-housing ratio and it is the "rest of the Bay" that is out of balance.

The 2014 report cited as evidence is from The Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) is based on data from ABAG and the US Census American Community Survey of 2013. What this report completely misses is with the Hewlett Packard Campus closure in 2010, neither HP nor the Apple Park were open for employees until the opening of Apple Park this year.

So, the 12,000 Apple employees added to the jobs-housing ratio actually takes our jobs to housing balance up from 1.36 to 1.95! So, Cupertino has at least a 2:1 housing imbalance.

The report, due to its vintage, also does not include the multitude of housing projects that have been approved in the last three years in Mountain View, Santa Clara, San Jose, and Sunnyvale. While these Cities are working to balance their jobs-housing ratio, Cupertino has repeatedly rejected housing project after housing project.

We encourage all residents to be informed with the facts and not be persuaded by folks who simply promote the NIMBY Better Cupertino PAC mis-information, there is a significant and urgent housing crisis here in the Bay.

P.S. With the jobs-to-housing balance so intricately tied to our ability to get to and from home and work, please don’t miss the City of Cupertino’s next and final installment entitled,

“Transportation Panel: How Will We Get There?

Thursday, September 28, 2017 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm Cupertino Community Hall, 10350 Torre Avenue

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