RE:Start Vallco - Residents Speak!

Last evening with a rally outside and a full house inside the Cupertino City Council Chambers, community members and residents of Cupertino came out in droves to speak to the Council in support of restarting the normal planning process for the revitalization of Vallco.

The overwhelming majority of speaker asked the Council to empower City Staff to move forward with the Environmental study and the Specific Plan in an expeditious manner so that a viable solution to Vallco can be brought forward for the benefit of the Community, the Owner, and the City. Its time to get it done.

The overall message to the City Council rang very clear: the silent majority of residents want a revitalized Vallco and they will show up and they will speak out to support Council members who work to move our City forward.

Thanks to all of you who attended the meeting in support for the future of our City!

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