Resident "LIFERS" Want Affordable Housing in Cupertino


At the October 17, 2017 Cupertino City Council meeting, a resident who lives and works in Cupertino spoke testimony to the Council that employees working in a very important local company want to be able to purchase in Cupertino to be near their places of work.


What a thought! But why does this matter? Well, the answer, is, its everything. (Watch the Video)


When folks can live within a short distance from their work, they spend less time in traffic, they contribute less to regional traffic, they spend more time with their family, they buy local, shop local, and entertain local, they invest in their community, they have more options and more flexibility to do what the things they want to do. Its a form of personal freedom.


There are so many benefits to our community when employees of large companies (and not just the one in our town but our neighbors as well), can live very close to where their jobs are being located, it helps to bring a healthy balance of live - work.


Thank you Martin for your testimony to the Council, we sincerely hope they will listen!


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