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Better Cupertino Allies Paul and Scharf Seek to Undo the Cupertino General Plan

The Better Cupertino Allies, Councilmen Darcy Paul and Steven Scharf, are Attempting to Undo the General Plan Over the Holidays with Zero Public Input and Zero Transparency!

You can be forgiven if you didn’t listen to the entire 4-hour City Council Meeting on November 7, 2017, but you need to watch the last 20 minutes!

That’s when Better Cupertino’s Council allies, Councilmen Darcy Paul and Steven Scharf, openly forced an effort to undo the Cupertino's General Plan 2040 for properties across the City such as Vallco. Just like their flawed and failed Measure C, this is an all-out NIMBY effort to stop all sustainable (re) development through-out the City.

Remember, it was only a month ago that the Vallco Owner asked the City of Cupertino to restart a Community-led planning process to evaluate different alternatives with extensive public input. But before the City has conducted even a single public workshop, Paul and Scharf are attempting to STOP regular order with a back-door Council vote to block this Community-led process.

To make their case, Paul and Scharf are using a new State housing bill as their foil to falsely push to undo the 2014 General Plan by the end of THIS year, just in time for the Holidays. The Council actually asked for "special meetings, extra meetings, or whatever it takes..." before New Years which has resulted in a closed door session now scheduled for November 21, 2017. (Note: This portion was updated from the original post once the Council agenda was published showing a closed door session.)

How is this transparency? How is this good governance on behalf of the citizens of Cupertino? Why this dramatic rush during the Holidays? How many of our unused or decaying properties are going to be affected by Better Cupertino’s no-growth goals to stop all development in Cupertino? It’s clear that Councilmen Darcy Paul, Steven Scharf, and their political PAC Better Cupertino only cry “transparency!” and “community input!” when it suits their personal agenda!

The sweeping changes they seek to the General Plan impact the ENTIRE City. These changes are being considered with zero professional study, zero environmental impact review, zero community input, zero community transparency, and in their rushed timeline, no understanding the vast implications of their actions.

This is another half-baked, rushed-through way to stop all development in Cupertino using scare tactics to justify their ends. It sounds a lot like the flawed Measure C and all of its unintended consequences to our City.

A CALL TO ACTION - Please write the Cupertino City Council and demand:

  1. Any plans to change the City’s General Plan must be fully vetted by the Community in a transparent process that fully analyzes their environmental impacts and implications for the planned re-use of the Vallco site and other affected Properties in the City.

  2. That the Council makes a commitment to bring any proposed General Plan Amendments to the community FIRST so that citizens can be informed, provide public comment, and be empowered to participate in the Civic process as it was intended.

  3. That all Council Members and Planning Commissioners respect in good faith the normal planning process by acting ONLY in the interest of residents based on public input, certified professional impact studies, extensive community outreach, and thoughtful engagement.

Here is the link to the Video and here are their email addresses, please take a moment to email them:

citycouncil@cupertino.org svaidhyanathan@cupertino.org dpaul@cupertino.org bchang@cupertino.org rsinks@cupertino.org sscharf@cupertino.org davidb@cupertino.org aartis@cupertino.org dsun@cupertino.org gpaulsen@cupertino.org dfung@cupertino.org jliu@cupertino.org atakahashi@cupertino.org

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