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Cupertino Moves to ELIMINATE the Housing Element Designation from Vallco

Cupertino Published in the Courier on Friday the City's Move to Thwart Housing and Make Vallco a Retail-only Site, Just in Time for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Did you see Friday's Cupertino Courier? Wedged in fine print on page 24 and 25, you’ll see the City served its official legal "NOTICE" that the Council is moving to remove the Housing Element Designation at Vallco making it impossible to develop any kind of housing, affordable or market-rate. This is an even more extreme measure than was called for on the dais at the November 7, 2017 City Council meeting by Council Members Scharf and Paul and would seem to indicate the Council member's sense this is their best chance at forever stopping redevelopment.

A General Plan Amendment that takes away all the office and housing allocation achieves the goals of Measure C, which was voted down by more than 60% of Cupertino citizens. Measure C was put on the ballot by an anti-development group called "Better Cupertino", who would rather see Vallco rot than turn into a productive use. It will ensure that Vallco cannot be redeveloped into an exciting shopping, dining and entertainment experience, much less a vibrant mixed-use, mixed-income town center for our Community. Darcy Paul and Steven Scharf are attempting to make the largest change to Cupertino’s General Plan in years in less than a month, over the holidays, apparently hoping that no one would notice. The perfect time to go for the jugular. Here’s how they plan to do it: ● November 21: Closed-Session City Council Discussion of "Down-zoning" at the Vallco Site—This proposed meeting was listed under an intentionally deceptive title on the November 21 City Council Agenda seen here:

November 27 at 9:30am: Special Environmental Review Committee Meeting to be held the Monday after Thanksgiving at 9:30am to consider the General Plan Amendment removing office and housing allocation from the Vallco site. ● November 27 at 6:45pm: City Council Study Session on impacts of new state legislation ● November 28 at 6:45pm: Planning Commission Hearing that will consider the General Plan Amendment removing office and housing allocation from the Vallco site less than 24 hours after learning about the new the housing laws and their possible impacts and without any study or Community input.

December 19: Scheduled City Council Vote on the General Plan Amendment that would enshrine Measure C into the General Plan if enacted:

Your voice is needed at this time. We need to tell the City:

  • We will not stand for this blatant assault on transparency, due process, and community planning

  • Stop this irresponsible, dead of night, hasty, back-room decision process immediately.

  • Fearmongering by our elected officials as a means of achieving personal political goals is unacceptable.

  • Scharf, Paul and Better Cupertino’s no-growth agenda was already roundly rejected last November

  • We want Vallco to succeed and will not support any change that intentionally or unintentionally threatens the feasibility of redevelopment.

We hope that we see you at City Hall this coming Tuesday the 21st.

Please also take a moment to write your members of the City Council and Planning Commission:

citycouncil@cupertino.org svaidhyanathan@cupertino.org dpaul@cupertino.org bchang@cupertino.org rsinks@cupertino.org sscharf@cupertino.org davidb@cupertino.org aartis@cupertino.org dsun@cupertino.org gpaulsen@cupertino.org dfung@cupertino.org jliu@cupertino.org atakahashi@cupertino.org

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