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Turns Out, United Cupertino and Vice Mayor Paul Agree on Housing!

Vice Mayor Paul Tells State Senator Wiener That He Supports 2,400 High-Density Residential Units at Vallco

You did it! You wrote letters, you spoke to Council members, you showed up to Council Chambers, and your voice was heard!

In a packed Council chambers last Tuesday night before Thanksgiving, resident after resident gave testimony to the City Council - UNITED against bad governance, UNITED against closed-door sessions (which they canceled - see article in Cupertino Today), and UNITED in opposition to their hastily planned efforts to amend the General Plan. At the end of the night, the City Council voted to cancel a GPA over-reach promoted by Vice Mayor Paul and voted to move forward the traditional City Planning process!

In response to your advocacy to the Council, an article published today by Curbed SF outlines Vice Mayor Paul's stance on housing. He stated:

“I think housing is good,” Paul insists. “We have a severe housing shortage. [...] That shortage of supply has effects all the way down the ladder.”

Residents for a United Cupertino completely agree with the Vice Mayor that a major cause of the housing crisis is a persistent lack of supply. But an even more revealing quote in the article came from State Senator Scott Wiener, who stated the following about a recent conversation he had with Vice Mayor Paul, the Senator stated:

“I did speak with [Darcy], and he expressed an openness to 2,400 units of housing, which was what the site is zoned for, and I was pleased by that.”

We again find ourselves in the awkward position of applauding the Vice Mayor Paul for his willingness to support 2,400 residential units of housing at Vallco. Frankly, it’s a surprising turnaround from his personal push to amend the General Plan just last week!

We’ve published multiple articles over the last year that Cupertino is not pulling its weight on approving affordable and market-rate housing, the same as our neighbors here in Santa Clara County. In such a highly-educated and tech-conscious Community, innovative Apple Country, it’s high-time for us to step up and be part of the solution to the housing crisis that frankly affects our neighbors, our co-workers, our friends, our school teachers, our fire fighters, and our children.

We’re reservedly elated to know that Vice Mayor Paul now agrees that as many as twenty-four hundred residential units at Vallco makes sense. Wow, many thanks Vice Mayor!

Please write the all of the Cupertino City Council in support of our Vice Mayor and let them know that you support Cupertino’s efforts to reduce traffic and improve quality of life for our residents by addressing the jobs-housing imbalance in our Community.

Let us know what you think by emailing unitedcupertino@gmail.com or visiting us on Facebook.