• From Residents for a United Cupertino

For the PAC "Better Cupertino", It's All About Power.

​Since last year’s election, we’ve been trying to understand the goals and desires of Better Cupertino founder’s Steven Scharf and Liang Chao, and NOW it’s coming into focus.

On the City Council, Steven Scharf consistently votes no on everything. He voted no on accessory dwelling units (so called “granny units”), no on a Pilot program for children’s ride-sharing to school, no to a city-wide community Speaker Series, no to a Citizen’s Advisory Committee (their idea!), absolutely no on everything related to Vallco (including a back-door effort to undo the General Plan), no on everything related to the Oaks, no to the Scandinavia store, no, no, no.

On the School Board, Liang Chao does exactly the same. She recently voted no to teachers allowing their own children to attend schools where they work. She went as far as to verbally assault the School District’s demographer during a board meeting by disputing commonly known facts such as the decline in enrollment, the extreme budget shortfall, the existence of the recent economic recession, and the subsequent housing cost explosion.

They both vote for obstruction. They use fear and conspiracy theories in an effort to dupe residents to believe in an anti-establishment agenda. They vote against any and all facts that do not conform to their NIMBY agenda. They claim they are “fighting for residents” by being contrarian to the established power structures and blaming evil developers for colluding with public officials.

But let’s be honest, Cupertino is a well-managed and prosperous City. Instead, they would like you to believe that resident services are in decline, “corrupt elected officials” are “on the take”, and the existing power structures are conspiring against residents.

Why? Well, NOW we know.

We’re hearing that Liang Chao has no intention of staying at the School Board, but rather will be seeking a Council seat in November’s election. By vacating her seat two years early, the School District will be forced to pay for a special election. In the past, these elections have cost the schools upwards of $200,000. So you can see, a declining enrollment and a budget shortfall of nearly $3 million this year and $5 million next year are rather inconvenient truths to her political ambitions.

So there it is, they are seeking power. As a community, how can we get real about the future of Cupertino when the leadership of the obstructionist NIMBY Pac propagates such counterfactual posts and false arguments? We cannot move forward if "FACTS" and "DATA" are open to interpretation. By fiercely advocating for the impossible, such as a retail-only mall, they can state they are “for” something but still achieve their ultimate NIMBY goal of doing nothing.

As the City Council interviews for new Commissioner positions tonight, we implore the Council to see the BC PAC Candidates for what they are, and in the coming election, we ALL need to remember who has truly been looking out for and trying to unite the community, and who has really just been looking out for themselves.

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