• Residents for a United Cupertino

When Does it Stop?

The NIMBY PAC “Better Cupertino” is fundraising for another "Measure C"-style Initiative.

As United Cupertino has been advocating for more than a year now, the owner of Vallco finally came back and expressed an interest in moving forward with a Vallco redevelopment plan with a focus on addressing Cupertino’s housing crisis after the debacle that was the 2016 election (thanks for starting all that, “Better Cupertino”).

But like Pavlov’s dog, our NIMBY neighbors have again quickly sprung into action.

Yes, we know all about Cupertino’s NIMBY political action committee: founded by two of our recently elected officials (2016) Councilman Steven Scharf and CUSD Board Member Liang Chao, railroaded the 2015 Vallco revitalization effort and sponsored the failed anti-housing / anti-growth Measure C, sued the City of Cupertino for its “biased” handling of the initiative (still going to this day), attempted to recall pro-housing Councilperson Barry Chang, etc. They’re also known in education circles for their efforts to block teacher housing at CUSD’s surplus school sites and efforts to eradicate sex ed curriculum, including any mention of LGBT “behaviors”, from Cupertino schools.

They’re making news again. Readers of United Cupertino will also remember that in this past October, Councilmembers Scharf and Darcy Paul did everything they could to singlehandedly back-door another Measure C into law in Cupertino through closed sessions, backroom deals, and hastily organized and totally uninformed meetings during the Holidays. The goal was to permanently strip all housing and office use from Vallco. (Fortunately, strong voices throughout the community came together, showed up, and put a STOP to this ridiculous behavior and backward thinking.)

But “Better Cupertino” remains undeterred. They are now taking matters into its own hands and have sent out a fundraising call so they can pull out all the stops. Among the uses for this PAC contributions from like-minded NIMBYs is for another ballot initiative. They know that the majority of the community a productive use at Vallco and to help with the housing crisis. “Better Cupertino’s” desperation is turning them to the same playbook they used in 2015 to halt the prospect of housing or any other change at Vallco.

Cupertino has done just about everything it can do to stop housing from being built inside its borders. If that wasn’t the history, we at United Cupertino wouldn’t be so worried about the “Better Cupertino” PAC’s efforts to pass the hat. But Vallco needs revitalization and Cupertino needs housing and we can’t afford to take any more chances.

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