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Mayor Paul to Senator Wiener: Fooled you!

Darcy Paul: What Housing Crisis? .... Cupertino is “exceeding our obligation” to housing...

We can’t believe we have to sit here writing this today. At this point in time, everyone knows there is a housing crisis in the Bay Area. Everyone, apparently, except for Mayor Darcy Paul.

Did you see Mayor Paul’s State of the City speech?

Though he used a lot of ambiguous language that left us guessing what he meant, Mayor Paul also got very specific at times. He claimed that Cupertino is “in fact exceeding our obligation” to the regional housing crisis and even if we add no housing through 2040, no one could “justifiably say we are at a critical level.” Not only that, he claimed that Santa Clara County was also at the good housing level and that the regional housing advocates should “give us some space.”


Regardless of your idea of “jobs housing balance”, when the median home price (more than $2.1 million now) is more than 16 times the median income, we are in a housing crisis.

When the median rent price is $4,000 (higher than in Manhattan), we are in a housing crisis.

When even well-paid tech employees (never mind the home-health worker, the teacher or nurse, or the restaurant worker) can’t afford to buy or rent here, we are in a housing crisis.

When a house in Cupertino lists at $2.4 million and sells in one day at $3.0 million, all cash, we are in a housing crisis.

When our sons and daughters finish school and can’t look to the Bay Area for their first (or second or third) job because they can’t afford to pay rent, we are in a housing crisis.

When only 1 in 15 low income earners can find affordable housing in Cupertino, we are in a housing crisis.

Other mayors in cities around the South Bay aren’t just acknowledging the housing crisis—they are actually doing something about it.

Just two months ago, then-Vice Mayor Paul tried to undo the General Plan through closed door sessions and ram it through meetings over the holidays. When his antics caught the attention of State Senators, he openly told Senator Scott Wiener that he supports housing and is open to *2,400* units of housing at Vallco.

Now housing is just an afterthought.

Seems the Vice-Mayor changed his mind when he became Mayor. We wonder what he would say to the Senator these days. But he’s proven himself to be a slippery hypocrite. Is he lying to us now? Or was he lying to Senator Wiener then?

Urge your Senators and Legislators to speak with Mayor Paul and convince him to stop pandering to the local NIMBY group, Better Cupertino. Or maybe just tell them to take control of local land-use decisions until we get a new Mayor.

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