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Mayor Paul Joins NIMBY-PAC sponsored Forum with the Intent to Politically Influence the Community-Led Process!

For more than a year, Residents for a United Cupertino have been advocating for the traditional planning process that, without political influence, provides pathways to transparent and publicly-led solutions to our most important community assets such as the vast Vallco site. And we're pleased that the City has engaged in the current Community-led Specific Plan Process and hope for its success!

BUT, surely by now you’ve seen how, under our Mayor's "leadership", our fair City is being represented in the Bay-Area regional news media… and frankly, its an abject embarrassment!

When the honorable Mayor of Cupertino says things that are so out of touch, it makes news media coverage beyond the borders. Mayor Paul has become the "poster child" for the "housing crisis denier" and refuses to be part of the solution. Congratulations Mayor Paul, you’re infamous throughout the Bay Area!

One would think that all this unwelcome attention would have caused Mayor Paul to adjust. But no, Mayor Paul has DOUBLED DOWN on his bewilderingly anti-housing comments.

  • In a follow-up story on KPIX, Darcy Paul called Cupertino’s housing production "fair and responsible,” and reiterated that the “housing crisis is not dire in Cupertino”...

  • In the Cupertino Courier, Paul said, “I’m trying to balance our community, and regional needs with our [NIMBY] residential sentiment”

AND NOW, on March 10, 2018, Mayor Paul is partnering with the NIMBY-PAC "Better Cupertino" at a Forum to talk about their anti-housing views for the City!

What is troubling about this? This forum is taking place THREE DAYS before the City’s next Community-based Vallco Specific Plan meeting. This is yet another example of Mayor Paul’s clear attempt to use the influence of the mayoral bully pulpit to manipulate, politicize, and de-legitimize the City's Community-Led Planning process.

How can any of us have TRUST in this Specific Plan process moving forward when the Mayor is nakedly putting his thumb on the scales to influence its outcome????

This is not normal. And this is not OK. That’s why we need your voice at every Specific Plan meeting and every Council Meeting! The next Opticos Presentation is on March 13, 2018 and the next Council meeting is March 20, 2018. Lets tell the Mayor this behavior is unacceptable!

Let us know what you think and if you want to volunteer to protest this hacking of our Community-led Process by a Mayor who has hitched his wagon to the NIMBY-PAC "Better Cupertino".

/Residents for a United Cupertino