• Residents for a United Cupertino


An Open Letter to the Honorable Mayor Paul

Prior to the BC Forum on Saturday night and the City’s Planning Process with Opticos on Tuesday evening, the Residents of United Cupertino asked Hon. Mayor Paul in a private email the following:

"HON. Mayor Paul,

  1. The Community-led Specific Plan and EIR process requires transparency, trust, integrity, and a complete lack of political influence. Your recent words and actions matter and they are being interpreted by many of our contributors (and members of the media all over the Bay) as intended to affect or influence or bias or predetermine or de-legitimize the current process.

  2. The "resident group" you've joined is NO longer a legitimate "resident" group, it’s a NIMBY PAC who supports one Councilman, is still suing the City, and whose entire origin centers on electing two founding members. It’s completely disingenuous (or naive) for you to say that you are participating in a true "resident" forum, literally 3 days before the next Opticos meeting.

You're the Mayor, use your power as Mayor to keep the politicians / special interests OUT of the community-led process instead of putting your (and Steven's) boot heel on it."

But alas, the events of the last week have encapsulated the TRUE State of our City. Not by our Mayor’s words, but by his deeds. The Saturday evening BC “Forum” turned into a nativist circus:

“I see people here with signs who want housing… I don't have any monetary stake in the game... We need to be very clear about what interests we're representing when we make assertions… take a look at yourself internally and try to be honest about it.” -Mayor Darcy Paul in his opening remarks, accusing pro-housing attendees as being paid by “interests”...

“He’s not from Cupertino!” -Shouted from the audience (among other simultaneous audience jeers) when a Sunnyvale resident asked how Scharf, Paul and Better Cupertino could continue to oppose housing at Vallco

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to injustice ev—” -A pro-housing attendee cut off from her remarks when BC Founder and School Board Member Liang Chao grabbed the mic away from her in mid-sentence...

“You should show your ID every time you speak so we know you’re from Cupertino!” -An angry audience jeers (yelled atop a chorus of audience jeers) aimed at a pro-housing attendee...

Is this who we are now in Cupertino?

Hon. Mayor Paul, how can you embrace this angry nativist agenda perpetrated by a NIMBY political action committee group? How can you spread the false argument using outdated data that the City has a balanced job-housing ratio?

In so doing, you have legitimized the false narratives from Better Cupertino that have tainted and politicized the City-led Planning Process. This is the complete de-legitimization of the Specific Plan Process and devolvement of our community discourse. How are we supposed to trust the outcome of the planning process with you and Better Cupertino working so hard to undermine it?


Residents for a United Cupertino

Keep showing up friends! We are up against very determined forces that will stop at nothing to stop any progress forward for our great City...