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Vallco Community-Based Process? Better Cupertino Says NO!

We've been writing some very critical posts of our elected Mayor lately, not our preferred fare to be sure, but they come from an honest response to actions taken by the Mayor, Councilman Scharf, and their obstructionist political PAC's called Better Cupertino in aggressive efforts to kill the Opticos traditional planning process.

We had hoped that a bit of pressure on the Mayor and Council by our posts would return a modicum of sanity.

Instead, Better Cupertino declared last night at the City Council their opposition to the Community-led Specific Plan Process. They Said NO!

Here are two videos of three Better Cupertino speakers (the usual suspects) in their opposition to the Planning Process.



They frequently speak about transparency in government, in community involvement, in their voices being heard. That is precisely what is occurring with the utmost level of professionalism in the current City-led planning process by the Opticos Group.

And then Better Cupertino said NO.

Why do they object? It seems they are the only ones holding out to the hope that a thriving "Valley Fair-style" mall will emerge from the Vallco ashes and they object to an Opticos process that has to-date not supported an all-retail effort...

And then Better Cupertino said NO.

Mayor Paul and Councilman Scharf's actions and words have made clear that ALL ALONG they do not support the City-led Community process for Vallco. They then send out their BC lieutenants to give Oral Communication at Council meetings as "residents" to object to the process and voice the minority's objection. Look how many empty chairs there were - were you and your neighbors and your friends represented accordingly?


Please join with us in saying that we support a redevelopment of the Vallco site, we want to see a mixed-use project at Vallco, we want to see our City's contribution to the housing crisis in California at the largest under-developed property in Cupertino with significant affordable housing, we want to see a downtown for our community, and we support the Community-based traditional planning process being led by Opticos to continue.


The next step in the process are the Charrettes by Opticos in April - we need our entire community to participate so that our community is not determined by a small vocal dozen from our local NIMBY Pac.


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