• Residents for a United Cupertino


We've been advocating for more than a year now that the residents of Cupertino needed + required + demanded a truly honest space for common dialog, for community unity, and for civil discourse.

When the Opticos process began, we firmly believed that this would finally bring the City together, uniting our neighbors under a common vision of renewal for one of our City's largest properties.

We were also hopeful that it would work with the City's leadership, but despite our best wishes, our Mayor and his Better Cupertino constituents have sought at every turn to undermine the City's public process. As a result of their actions, Sand Hill Properties has brought forward a Project under one of the new California State housing laws.

In fairness, we can't believe how great this project will be! Its a lot of housing, a significant amount of which is affordable to low income, with retail, office, and they retained the signature green roof park.... We believe its a great project for the community - you can see for yourself at the City of Cupertino's website.

But the Owner has ALSO asked that the Opticos process continue because there are things that the State law doesn't let them do. Under its narrow focus, there are other items such as community benefits, offsite improvements, different uses (educational, medical, institutional), and other Community desires that cannot be incorporated within the narrow State statue.

This is why it is vital that you voice your opinion at the City Council meeting on April 3 (tomorrow night). We're sure that Better Cupertino is desperately calling + emailing Council Members and City staff, but those people also need to hear your voice too.

Like the green roof? SAY IT! Like the affordable component? SAY IT! Would rather a project with less office with more retail or more community benefits? TELL THE COUNCIL! It is not enough anymore just to show up. It is time for us unite as a community as speak, or risk seeing our City be defined for us by the loudest voices out there - the Better Cupertino dozen....

Its Tuesday, April 3rd, at 6:45pm in Council Chambers next to the Library - fill out a speaker card at the front near the Dias and speak during "Oral Communications" portion of the agenda. Email if you have any questions on how to do this or where to go!

We’ll be there, and we hope to see you there too!

/Residents for a United Cupertino