• From Residents for a United Cupertino


At the last City Council meeting, two civically-minded Cupertino residents brought a disturbing issue of attempted voter suppression to light. See the video here. Councilman Steven Scharf attempted to use his position as an elected Cupertino Councilman alter how Cupertino votes and tip the scales in Better Cupertino PAC’s favor.

As you may know, City Council members routinely sit on regional bodies and are charged with representing the City of Cupertino. Steven Scharf sits on a regional body called the Library Joint Powers Authority (JPA). In this capacity, Scharf agendized an item that proposed to relocate the early voting ballot box, which normally sits centrally-located, in front of our library. This is a very important ballot box as it is the only one which is open 24-hours and 77% of Cupertino residents in 2016 voted early.

Steven Scharf attempted to relocate this ballot box without discussing this in public or with any fellow Council members. This is a gross abuse of power and is completely unacceptable. When Council members represent the City Council on local and / or regional commissions, they are representing the policies and electorate of the entire community and should NOT be pursuing special interest PAC agendas.

Especially when it comes to tilting a free and fair election or attempts to suppress voter ballots. The right to vote without interference is unequivocally sacred!

We demand action by the Council. The Council should immediately censure Councilman Scharf and remove him from his commission posts.

Please write to your Council at citycouncil@cupertino.org and come to the next Council meeting Tuesday, May 15, 2018 and express your outrage at this abuse of power!