• Residents for a United Cupertino


If you are interested in what happens at the Vallco site, the TIME IS NOW to make your voice heard at by either attending the Monday, June 4th Meeting at City Hall from 4pm to 8pm or emailing your comments, desires, and wishes to citycouncil@cupertino.org by Monday.

What’s happening? There’s a City Council Study Session in which the City Council will direct City Staff as to the items they want, based on Constituent input, to be included or not included in the final Plan.

Do you support a City Hall? Do you want a Performing Arts Center? Do you want a 30-Acre Green Roof? Do you want Adult Education Facilities? Do you want an Innovation Robotics Labs? Do you want more than 15% Affordable Housing?

Now is the LAST opportunity to tell them.

You can find the City Staff Report at this link in which many questions the City Staff will put to Council for their comment – we’ve excerpted them here for your convenience:

Question 1 Does the Council have additional comments / direction related to the recommended heights by Opticos?

Question 2 - Would the City Council consider:

A. reduction of retail from 600,000 to 400,000 as a trade for increased affordable housing units and/or civic spaces?

B. for the retail component:

i. flexibility in allowed uses such as salons and spas?

ii. flexibility on the 30% entertainment criterion?

C. increase of housing units for a decrease of office to ensure economic feasibility?

D. expanding flexibility in the definition of office to include and allow a certain percentage of service offices and medical offices?

Question 3 (Open Space):

A. Should the specific plan consider allowing a combination of park land dedication and in-lieu fees? If so, what combination of on-site space vs in-lieu fees should the Specific Plan require?

B. Should the specific plan include an increase in the maximum height limits for more than a base amount of grade level parks?

C. What size and format of parks and open spaces should be required or allowed, including requirements for public access?

D. What types of roof top parks and open spaces should be expected or allowed, including public access and bridging of buildings, and those dedicated for private use only? What percentage may be included as a credit toward the in-lieu fee if applicable?

Question 4 - Which of these community amenities would the City Council wish to direct staff to prioritize?

  • Additional Affordable housing

  • Schools/education space

  • Business incubator/innovation center

  • City Hall or other civic space

  • Performing arts theater

  • Contributions to mobility/transit choices: such as trails, off-site improvements, autonomous vehicles, community shuttles

Question 5 - Are there any other program provisions or considerations that the City Council would like to add?

THIS IS THE LAST TIME when the Council takes comments from their constituents and expresses what they would like to see at Vallco. Again, send them an email, let them know what you want to see, DON'T BE SILENT.

We can all be sure that Steven Scharf’s Better Cupertino folks will be out in force, but that’s no matter, their NIMBY agenda is already well known to the City Staff and City Council. Their minority group calling for nothing has already been discredited and marginalized. Do not let their bullying tactics cause you to stay silent!

What we need is for the Community to come out in strong support for a plan that includes the community benefits that we want to see and that delivers on a world-class development that the City of Cupertino, the very Capital of Innovation, rightly deserves!

Send us your thoughts this weekend - we'll gladly send them along to hold this Council to do the right thing for our Community.