• From Residents for a United Cupertino

Scharf and Liang Cost Cupertino $225K OF YOUR MONEY!

Today's press release regarding the complete legal rejection of the two year-old Measure C lawsuit was stunning. The dollar figure was an even greater shock! Read it here.

Liang Chao and Steven Scharf have cost the City of Cupertino $225,441 in legal fees for their irrelevant and misleading lawsuit stemming from the 2016 election in which their NIMBY measure was soundly defeated by a 2/3 super-majority electorate vote.

Can we say that again? 2/3 of the City of Cupertino said NO!

Liang Chao is now vacating her recently elected 2016 School District seat on the CUSD School Board in order to seek higher office in the City Council. Her election slogan in 2016 was "Students First!" Abandoning the students after less than 2 years means a special election that will cost the School District an estimated $500,000. More like "Liang First!"

Liang Chao and Steven Scharf are on target to costing the City of Cupertino and the CUSD School District almost $750,000 dollars for their personal political gain. Why? So that they can obtain control of the Council and stop development in Cupertino.

Astonishingly, they are already suing the City of Cupertino over the SB-35 Planning Application approval and they are pushing forward a Ballot Referendum on the Vallco Specific Plan recently approved by the City Council.

Lets talk dollars and cents - these additional legal actions / special elections over the SB 35 and the Specific Plan will more than push past the $2 Million dollar mark of tax payer dollars for their continued obstruction, obfuscation, and legal shenanigans. Again, that's your tax dollars! Of course, it doesn't cost them a dime, just the Citizen's of Cupertino.

We find this to be completely unacceptable!

Liang Chao has no qualifications, no record, and no business being elected to the City Council when her only track record is wasting the City's taxpayer dollars, obstructing any reasonable negotiation for the re-development of single largest property in our community, and costing our precious School Board hundreds of thousands of valuable dollars only to serve "Liang First".

Residents of Cupertino, please inform yourself of the facts, the history, the platforms, and the trajectory of the local NIMBY no-growth that will follow if we put these "Better Cupertino" obstructionists into the City Council.

We have mail-in ballots in our hands, do not put the "Better Cupertino" candidates of Liang Chao or John Willey into Council office. They've already shown their true colors and they are not "Cupertino First"!

NOTE: These comments are the opinions of the authors of this Blog and are not affiliated with any campaign for or against any candidate. Tara Sreekrishnan is not associated with the lawsuit by "Better Cupertino" and was subsequently removed from this article at her request.