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Ethics Rules, What Ethics Rules?! Doxing, What is Doxing???

Doxing is the practice of publishing private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.

In January of 2019, our new "BETTER CUPERTINO" City Council Members in their majority rejected the City's Code of Ethics and Conduct (The Code they Rejected is Here)

They did so in order to fill all open Commissioner positions with their completely unqualified "Better Cupertino" friends. On the Planning Commission, they filled three slots with Kitty Moore, Ray Wang, and Vikram Saxena - not any one of these individuals has any professional qualifications for these positions.

And then these three began to DOX individuals who did not agree with their opinions!

First they attacked a Sunnyvale resident for disagreeing with their denial of senior housing at the Oaks. All three, including Kitty Moore VOTED to REJECT badly needed AFFORDABLE SENIOR HOUSING!

From the citizen they sought to Dox: “In short, Chair Wang is attempting to intimidate me and other members of the public for exercising our First Amendment rights by threatening our jobs.”


But then it became clear that one of these "Better Cupertino" Planning Commissioners was also convicted of sexual harassment of Planning Commissioners of a neighboring city!


And what did our Mayor do? Mayor Steven Scharf demurred. His inaction meant tacit acceptance and endorsement of the sexual harassment and cyber bullying of residents by his Planning Commissioners.

And he wants another term in our City?

Mayor Scharf has presided over the most corrupt and incompetent City Council in the history of Cupertino with cronyism, grist, and a complete lack of ethical responsibility to the citizens of Cupertino.

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