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The City of Cupertino Continues to Block Affordable Housing

We’ve recently received so many emails asking why Vallco has stopped and why the City is blocking affordable housing that the Bay desperately needs.

Look at Cupertino Today (www.cupertinotoday.com) and you’ll see the City Manager resigned abruptly over a conflict with the City Council and a letter sent by HCD that reprimands the City for blocking affordable housing. (hint: Council obstruction to housing)

It was Mayor Paul back in 2017 (link to United Cupertino Blog post) who tried to do a back-door deal to amend the City’s General Plan to obstruct Housing. (hint: Council obstruction to housing)

Councilperson Moore is the person who is personally responsible for the lawsuit that held Vallco in limbo for 2 years. (hint: Council obstruction to housing)

And now, the Council is finding ways to stop Vallco further by not issuing simple and obvious building permits. (hint: Council obstruction to housing)

A 50+ acre site sits in amber in Silicon Valley during a pandemic where more than 2400 units of housing are approved. But the City refuses to issue permits. Take this comparison into consideration, when the City of Cupertino values acreage for Parkland, they assign 1 acre of land a value of $10,000,000. That means that the parkland value of Vallco exceeds $500,000,000. That's $500M!!! What do you think the losses the Owner could reasonably claim for 3 years of obstructing building permit issuances known to have been submitted in 2018???

But this is the Council’s grand strategy. Vallco was approved in September of 2018 and there is am SB-35 3-year expiration which put its theoretical expiration to September of 2021.

What the Council fails to fully understand is that obstructing building permits and leaving the entitlement in limbo during a 2 year long legal suit means the clock didn’t start until the Judge Williams (article in the Mercury News) threw out the case with prejudice in May of 2020.

Come to the next Council meeting and demand that they stop obstructing the issuance of State Law mandated ministerial permits for construction.

Come to the next Council meeting and demand that the City stop flouting State Law which is certain to invite State intervention and the loss of local control.

Come to the next Council meeting and demand that the City stop taunting a property owner whose next lawsuit might completely bankrupt the City.

Come to the next Council meeting and demand that the City issue building permits so that the much needed affordable housing, market rate housing, and condos (along with retail and offices) in the approved Vallco plan can be finally built!

If you cannot come to the Council, please send an email to citycouncil@cupertino.org and all Council persons will receive your message.

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